ISSN: 2241-6692


Gender-based violence has always existed as an urgent point of discussion in global and Greek feminist movements, and from time to time acquired prominence in public debate, informing political and legislative contexts and cultural production.

In recent years, feminicide hasreached epidemic proportions in Greece. The rise in violence against women and feminicide has beensometimes framed as being a consequence of socio-political and financial crises, or the result of unprecedented restrictionsand pressures due to the pandemic;and has even reigniteda public ‘debate’ in some of the popular press reporting on right wing political views, with deeply misogynist roots, on whether to recognise the killing of women by men as feminicide at all.

At the same time, movements such as #MeToo in Greece and feminist activism have sought to resist misogynist narratives and push back against long-standing masculinist systems of oppression and violence.

In this context, it is more important than ever that we examine the relationship between women and violence,in all its forms,in the country’s cultural production. This edited volume focuses on Greek and Greek diasporic cinema and invites contributions that consider a variety of approaches relating to the broader topic of women and violence in the country’s cinematic output. Topics and approaches may include, though this list is not exhaustive:

  • Women and representations of violence in Greek and/or Greek diasporic cinema
  • Women as victims of violence
  • Women as perpetrators of violence
  • Women and complicity in violence
  • Mental health, women and violence
  • Religion, women and violence
  • Trans women and violence
  • Migrant or refugee women and violence
  • Conflict, women and violence
  • Histories of women and violence in Greek and/or Greek diasporic cinema
  • Greek film movements, waves or trends in relation to women and violence
  • Focused studies of films examining women and violence in Greek and/or Greek diasporic cinema
  • Genre, women and violence
  • Documentary, women and violence
  • Identities/Identity politics, women and violence (intersectional approaches particularly encouraged)
  • Greek film industry contexts, women and violence
  • Film criticism, women and violence

Initially please submit an abstract by 30thOctober 2022. Your abstract should be between 300-350 words long, and accompanied by a 100-word bio.

Although a major UK-based publisher has shown interest in the volume, a formal proposal will be submitted once I have confirmed the content of the collection. If selected, authors will be notified by 20th November 2022. The anticipated deadline for submission of chapters (6000 – 8000 words in length)is end ofJuly 2023.

Please send your abstract and bio in a single file to by the stated deadline above.