ISSN: 2241-6692

‘Battle of the Sexes’ on Television: The Cases of the Greek-Cypriot and Greek Adaptations of Un Gars, Une Fille

Irene Photiou, Panayiotis Charalambous, Theodora A. Maniou


This article examines the representation of gender stereotypes in contemporary television entertainment series, using a comparative case-study analysis of the Greek-Cypriot and the Greek versions of the series Un Gars, Une Fille (1997-2003, Radio-Canada); in Cyprus Ego Kai Esy/Me and You (2010-2013, CyBC), in Greece S’ Agapo, M’ Agapas/I Love You, You Love Me (2000-2002, MEGA; 2019, Cosmote TV). Un Gars, Une Fille, a sketch comedy series from Canada is especially suited to this kind of comparative study; during its long runtime (close to 20 years, including various reruns), a large number of adaptations have been continually produced in almost 30 different countries and markets, including the ones selected here. Our methodology utilizes a framing analysis of various multimodal devices of Me and You and I Love You, You Love Me, including elements from the character discourse and non-verbal communication, their interactions and displays of emotion, scenes and plotlines of the sketch. Additionally, we conducted interviews with production personnel in Cyprus. The aim is to examine the female and male stereotypes represented by the protagonists in the series. Furthermore, we investigate whether and how these stereotypes relate dialectically to cultural elements, with special focus on the societal influences of both adaptations.

Keywords: fiction, framing analysis, gender stereotypes, television