ISSN: 2241-6692

Introduction to the Greek Sitcom: The Case of I Tris Charites/The Three Graces

Betty Kaklamanidou


The article focuses on one of the first Greek sitcoms, whose broadcast coincided with the new era of privatized television in the country, Ι Tris Charites/The Three Graces (1990-1992) MEGA. To this day, academic analysis on this show, and/or the other seminal shows of the first period of private television in Greece is scarce although there is recently an effort through conferences and publications to examine this neglected field. This article aims to be one of the first to acknowledge the cultural importance of The Three Graces and briefly put forward the main themes, the structure and its sociocultural resonance regarding gender politics in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Sitcom television theory, content analysis, gender theory and Greek sociopolitical history are the main guides in this endeavor. Briefly examining the American paradigm’s structure and placing the show in its proper sociopolitical context, aided by insight provided by one of the show’s creators, I underline the sitcom’s key position in Greek television regarding mainly gender issues.

Keywords: Gender, Greek television, intertextuality, Mega Channel, Reppas, sitcom