ISSN: 2241-6692

The Historicized ‘Self’ and the Hungry ‘Other’: Geopolitical Imaginations in Greek Television Comedy Oi Aparadektoi/The Unacceptables

Georgia Aitaki


Popular geopolitics has recognized in popular culture a platform where geopolitical imaginations are created and discursive constructions of ‘self’ and ‘other’ take place. However, limited work has been done on the employment of specific methodological tools of Critical Discourse Analysis on popular culture texts. This article attempts a hands-on analysis on an episode of a popular product of Greek television fiction (Oi Aparadektoi), and constitutes a combination of theoretical discussion, on one hand, and data presentation and analysis, on the other. Building on a growing body of literature arguing in favor of popular culture’s value for study of politics, the main argument is that television fiction can, and should be, included in investigations of the (geo)politics of the contemporary world and the politics of (national) identity, while special focus is placed on how a discourse-oriented approach can be adopted for the study of products of television fiction.

Keywords: critical discourse analysis, national identity, Oi Aparadektoi, popular geopolitics, television fiction