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After the successful realisation of the second Contemporary Greek Film Cultures international conference at the University of Washington, Seattle, 8-9 May 2015, we call for expressions of interest in hosting the next Contemporary Greek Film Cultures conference in 2017/8 in your institution. We would like to hear from any of you who wish to undertake the task of organising the third such meeting for Greek Film Studies research.

The event is on its way to becoming the Standing Conference of Greek Film Studies, bringing together the international community of Greek film scholars to share and discuss new research in the field every 2-3 years at a different location each time. In addition, every such event is to be followed by a publication of selected papers from the conference, expanding and enriching the bibliographical corpus of Greek Film Studies internationally. For example, a special journal issue with essays from the first conference in London (July 2013) has been published at Filmicon (Sept 2014,, and a special issue will follow the meeting in Seattle at the Journal of Greek Media and Culture. Recently, the Conference has partnered with Filmicon, where such special journal issues will be hosted. Most of all, this is an initiative that seeks to enhance collaborations between scholars with interest in Greek cinema worldwide, as well as to become a bridge between industry and academia (in both conferences so far directors and actors have participated with keynote addresses, Q&As, screenings of their work).

Please contact the founders and curators Tonia Kazakopoulou and Mikela Fotiou using the following email address to submit your interest in hosting the next meeting of Greek film scholars. In your email, please indicate how you would seek to fund the organisation of the conference, whether your institution would agree/has already agreed to support such an enterprise, a rough timeline for the event, and of course how we can help you with this undertaking.

Please write to Tonia and Mikela at as soon as possible, and no later than the 30th October 2015, using the subject line 'CGFC 2017/8'.