ISSN: 2241-6692

Chirographo (Stefani), Passing Drama (Melitopoulos), Disobedience (LabA), Septembriana (Tortum). Collage by Ulrich Meurer

Issue 7, December 2020

Contemporary Greek Film Cultures: Moments of Documentary

edited by Ulrich Meurer, Maria Oikonomou, Tonia Kazakopoulou

Part 1: Special Issue


Editorial Note

Tonia Kazakopoulou


Fictional, Virtual, Corporeal, Affective: Perspectives of the Documentary

Ulrich Meurer, Maria Oikonomou


Lessons from Makronisos: ‘Fictions’ of the Camp in Documentary Practices

Brenda Hollweg

“Being Present Is Much More Important Than the Actual Film”: A Conversation with Eva Stefani

Ulrich Meurer

Cinematic Urban Trajectories: Documenting the Shifting Athenian Experience in Greek Road and Travel Films

Vasiliki Petsa

Inventing a People: Laboratory Athens and Minor Cinema

Ulrich Meurer

“What Has Happened? … A Challenge for the Established Mode of History”: A Conversation with Angela Melitopoulos

Maria Oikonomou

Sporting Weird Corporeality: ‘Documentaristic’ Aesthetics, Sports and Difference in Early 2010s Greek Cinema

Tullio Richter-Hansen

Part 2
edited by Maria Chalkou


Συνοικία το Όνειρο: Η μικροϊστορία μιας λογοκρισίας

Ελένη Κούκη


Obscuro Barroco (2018) by Evangelia Kranioti: Obscuro Barroco’s Other Spaces

Marios Psaras

When Tomatoes met Wagner (2019) by Marianna Economou

Philip Phillis


Κινηματογράφος και Ιστορία: Η Κατοχή και η Αντίσταση στις ελληνικές ταινίες μυθοπλασίας μεγάλου μήκους από το 1945 μέχρι το 1981 του Γιώργου Ανδρίτσου, Αθήνα: ΚΨΜ, 2020

Yiannis Mylonas

Contemporary Balkan Cinema: Transnational Exchanges and Global Circuits edited by Lydia Papadimitriou & Ana Grgić, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Dimitris Kerkinos

Greek Cinema and Migration, 1991-2016 by Philip E. Phillis, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Elina Kapetanaki

Greek Weird Wave: A cinema of biopolitics by Dimitris Papanikolaou, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021

Anna Poupou