ISSN: 2241-6692

10h Entoli / S' Agapo M' Agapas / Tmima Ithon (artwork by Jalex Noel)

Issue 6, December 2019

Introduction to Greek Television Studies:(Re)Reading Greek Television Fiction since 1989

edited by Georgia Aitaki, Spyridon Chairetis

Part 1: Special Issue


Introduction to Greek Television Studies: (Re)Reading Greek Television Fiction since 1989

Georgia Aitaki, Spyridon Chairetis


Modernizing Tradition: Love, Friendship, Family and De-Urbanization in Greek TV Fiction (1993-2018)

Vassilis Vamvakas

Outside of Society: The Representation of Athenian Outcasts in Tmima Ithon/Vice Squad

Ursula-Helen Kassaveti, Athanasios Papoulis

Panos Kokkinopoulos’ Three-Act Narrative: Familial Triangulation, Line of Flight, and Reterritorialization in 10h Entoli/10th Commandment

Evangelia Theodoridou

‘Battle of the Sexes’ on Television: The Cases of the Greek-Cypriot and Greek Adaptations of Un Gars, Une Fille

Irene Photiou, Panayiotis Charalambous, Theodora A. Maniou

Injecting Actuality in TV Fiction: The Financial Crisis in Greek TV Comedy Series

Ioanna Vovou


MEGA mou: An Insider Perspective on Working for Greece’s First Private Television Channel

Jo Frangou


Ὡς Ναυάγια αἱ λέξεις… Η πρόσληψη του έργου του Αλέξανδρου Παπαδιαμάντη στον κινηματογράφο, στο θέατρο και στην τηλεόραση του Κωνσταντίνου Κυριακού, Αθήνα: Αιγόκερως, 2019

Zoe Ververopoulou

50 Χρόνια Ελληνική Τηλεόραση: Πρακτικά Συνεδρίου/50 Years of Greek Television: Conference Proceedings edited by Vassilis Vamvakas & Grigoris Paschalidis, Thessaloniki: Epikentro, 2018

Despina Chronaki

Η Βία στην Κυπριακή Τηλεόραση/Violence in Cypriot Television by Stelios Stylianou, Athens: Papazisi, 2019

Theodora A. Maniou

Retelling the Past in Contemporary Greek Literature, Film, and Popular Culture edited by Trine Stauning Willert & Gerasimus Katsan, Lexington Books: Lanham, 2019

Claudio Russello


Έτερος Εγώ-Χαμένες Ψυχές, 2019, Cosmote TV

Georgios Ziogas

Άγριες Μέλισσες, 2019–, ΑΝΤ1

Nikitas Fessas

Σ’ αγαπώ Μ’ αγαπάς, 2019, Cosmote TV

Spyridon Chairetis

Λόγω Τιμής: Είκοσι Χρόνια Μετά, 2019, ΣΚΑΪ

Georgia Aitaki

Part 2


edited by Maria Chalkou, Rea Walldén

Crafting the Common: The Political Poetics of Pantelis Voulgaris’s The Last Note (2017)

Yiannis Mylonas

Multiple Lives of the Machines: Memory, Topography and Film Archaeology in Thanassis Rentzis’s Films Bio-graphy (1974) and Silent Machines (2000)

Ioannis Paraskevopoulos