Yiannis Mylonas is Associate Professor at the School of Media, National Research University Higher School of Economics, in Moscow. He obtained a PhD degree from Copenhagen University and has also worked as researcher and lecturer at Lund University. He has published peer reviewed articles and book chapters on media representations of war and economic crisis, political cultures, and public memory. He is the author of the monograph The 'Greek Crisis' in Europe: Race, Class and Politics (Brill, 2019), and editor of Susan Buck-Morss, Semiotic boundaries and the politics of meaning: Modernity on Tour at a Cretan Village /Σούζαν Μπακ – Μορς, Σημειολογικά όρια και πολιτικές του νοήματος: Η νεωτερικότητα σε περιοδεία σε ένα χωριό της Κρήτης (Ψηφίδες, 2020) and The Industrialization of Creativity and Its Limits: Values, Politics and Lifestyles of Contemporary Cultural Economies (Springer 2020, co-edited with Panos Kompatsiaris and Ilya Kirya).