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BLOG - Eva Vlachou

Eva Vlachou has studied Film Studies in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is now a PhD candidate at the Ionian University, Department of Audio & Visual Arts, with the subject of interest being postmodern Greek cinema.

Both Renos Haralampidis (No Budget Story) and the directorial duo Reppas/Papathanasiou (Afstiros Katallilo) have a controversial reputation as filmmakers. They have created films that have been considered cult works—for example, Haralampidis’s Fthina Tsigara/Cheap Smokes(2000) or Reppas/Papathanasiou’s To Klama Vgike apo ton Paradeiso/Crying Silicon Tears (2001)—and have gained their fair share of fame. Their works can be perceived as self-aware postmodern films, as well as “cheap” entertainment. Despite having directed only a few films, Haralampidis has established a recognizable artistic identity, mostly because his films have gained the attention of a specific devoted audience and therefore have been considered cult. On the other hand, Reppas/Papathanasiou are the creators of numerous successful comedies in film and on television, like the commercial hit Safe Sex (1999) or the popular TV series Oi Treis Harites (1990-1992). Moreover, they have made the specific choice of focusing on the cinematic medium itself in the two films I am going to examine. ... More