Evgenia Giannouri is a lecturer and researcher in the field of Theory and Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of Moving Images (Film, Video and Contemporary Art). She studied French Literature, Art History, and Film in both Athens and Paris. Her PhD (Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2010) focused on the relation between the still and the moving image with an emphasis on the figure of the ‘drifter’ as a theoretical paradigm of transition. Since, she is interested in the ‘Topologies of Crisis’ as manifested in contemporary visual culture and a number of Greek feature films. Her publications, including book chapters and articles on Victor Burgin, Bernard Tschumi, Sergei Eisenstein, Gus van Sant, BélaTarr and Paolo Gioli, have appeared in France and in Italy. At the same time, she works as a critic and film programmer. She has made two short length films and is co-founder of ‘The Silo’, a collective based in Paris and dedicated to the Moving Image, Cinema and the Visual Arts.